Near Shore Test Center

To achieve a better understanding of extreme wave behavior and corresponding load on offshore structures, a large amount of statistical data is needed, to be able to improve and develop accurate models and design formulas for this.

Laboratory test has been carried out in scale 1:100, and to collect additional statistical wave data in better conditions, it has been suggested to establish a 1:8 scale Near Shore Test Center (NSTC).

The NSTC will be established (2019-20) at a suitable location vest of Anholt in Kattegat with sea waves having properties that are comparable with the waves in the North Sea when scaled.

Although NSTC initially will have focus on wave loads on offshore structures, many other types of test can be performed in the future utilizing the technical facilities on the center (data logging, -transfer and -storage equipment, electrical power, daily monitoring, boat-landing etc.).

General Arrangement, Site