Maritime Container Drones

Maritime Container Drones


Transport of goods is vital to the world economics. A large part of the global transport of goods, objects or materials are done by intermodal container transport.

The present business idea will operate within the well-known logistic systems and principles used today by a large number of shipping companies.

  • As a supplement to the existing way of operating
  • As an extension and improvement of the present business models
  • As a part of new shipping business models

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The business idea is based on a Patent-Pending invention (PA201600333) that uses smaller autonomous unmanned maritime vessels with function, dimensions and interface similar to standard ISO-containers.

The vessels – Maritime Container Drones – can be transported and operated as traditional standard ISO containers.

Connected to a global controlling- and operating network, the Maritime Container Drones have ability to function and operate as autonomous ships.

Main Business

  • Sales- and Manufacturing of Maritime Container Drones
  • Control- and Operation of Maritime Container Drones
  • Maintenance of Maritime Container Drones via partners

Concept Cases, Examples

Launched from a container vessel, Maritime Container Drones proceeds autonomously to destination port for pick-up and further local transport. Similarly, Maritime Container Drones can be picked up by a container vessel.

Maritime Container Drones can be used as independent transport vessels between different costal/river/lake destinations.

Similarly, Maritime Container Drones can reach smaller or remote ports in areas with limited or poor infrastructure.

Maritime Container Drones can be used as supply vessels for offshore installations.

Maritime Container Drones can be a part of the complex supply chain for cruise vessels, improving the ability to serve the passengers and reducing the routing constraints by port independent handling of all types of fresh supply, sewage, sludge, waste etc.

Maritime Container Drones can be used for a number of military- and navy related purposes.


  • Provide flexible and independent transport solutions
  • Reduction of transport time in several cases
  • Reduction road- and railway transport
  • Increase transport safety at land
  • Reduction of capacity problems at cargo traffic locations
  • Cost-efficient and environmental friendly transport

Project Needs

  • Contacts
  • Business considerations
  • Sparring
  • Investment
  • Exit strategy / Strategy for growth
  • Further developments


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